Oreo Turkey Treats

Oreo Turkey Treats

My son was invited to a birthday party last week and had so much fun making these cookie treats that he had to come home and make them. We didn’t have everything that we needed but he had fun and improvised. Everyone loved them.


  • Vanilla & Chocolate Oreo cookies
  • Royal icing
  • Whoppers candy
  • Candy corn
  • Frosting as needed


  1. We used both vanilla Oreos and chocolate Oreos. We used half an Oreo cookie for each body and an entire cookie for each tail, then used a dab of royal icing to attach Whoppers for heads. I didn’t have whoppers at home so we improvised and just used frosting.
  2. We piped on icing eyes and pushed the candy corn feathers in-between the cookies used for the tails. We used one small piece of candy corn for the beak.
  3. Have Fun – they don’t have to be perfect.




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